Vision, Mission, Values

We are a neighborhood charter school serving scholars and their families in the Green Valley Ranch/Montbello communities that is committed to providing a relevant, rigorous, and real-world connected comprehensive academic program that develops and encourages:

- the love for learning
- the responsibility of service
- the power of community
- the joy of achievement

"To educate and provide all scholars the opportunities and supports to acquire and apply knowledge and skills so that they are prepared for continued success in the high schools, and therefore the colleges and universities of their choice."

"Educated, empowered, and ready scholars that are positively impacting our world locally, nationally, and globally."



We believe diverse, inclusive, and equitable teams and communities are more effective. We seek to be a school that reflects the diversity of our city, brings diverse voices together, and models equity and inclusion to create access for all.



We strive for excellence for both scholars and staff. We aim to do our very best at all times. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of all learners.



We model compassion and are considerate of others by treating them the way they want to be treated.  We humbly seek to understand and assume the best of intentions.



We believe learning should be fun! Seeing challenges as learning opportunities makes the work more meaningful and promotes creativity that positively impacts scholar outcomes.



We believe that we are stronger together.  The success of our team raises our ability to work as a community. We care about each other, invest in one another, and grow together.