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Vision, Mission, and Values

We are a neighborhood charter school serving scholars and their families in the Green Valley Ranch/Montbello communities that is committed to providing a relevant, rigorous, and real-world connected comprehensive academic program that develops and encourages:
- the love for learning
- the responsibility of service
- the power of community
- the joy of achievement
"Educated, empowered, and ready scholars that are positively impacting our world locally, nationally, and globally."
"To Educate and provide all scholars the opportunities and supports to acquire and apply knowledge and skills so that they are prepared for continued success in the high schools, and therefore the colleges and universities of their choice."
Justice, Wisdom, Courage, Compassion, Hope, Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity
Leadership that is intentional
Instruction that is impactful
Families that are invested
Teamwork that is innovative 
Scholars that are included
"Every scholar, educated, empowered, and ready for continued success."
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Great Work Team!

Playworks awards ODB the Golden Ball Award

The Omar D Blair K-5 school community has had the pleasure of partnering with Playworks, an organization whose focus is on safety, engagement, and empowerment through the power of play during recess at school. Find out more here.

Updated School Supply List

Not sure which TI graphing calculator your scholar will need this upcoming year? Fear not, as we have updated the school supply list to let you know exactly how many highlighters, flashdrives, and colored pencils you'll need to help your scholar succeed.

May Newsletter

The May newsletter in English and Spanish is attached.

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